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About US

COSO Farms consist of Chris, Sherri, Kelsie and Christian Orr. Along with about half a dozen LaMancha dairy does, beef cattle, couple of dogs, four or five cats, chickens and a skunk or two. 

Around 1974-75 my dad brought home a couple of dairy does, after that we always seemed to have some type of dairy doe at home. The family raised replacement heifers for dairies along with starting a beef herd of our own with Dairy cross calves.

My middle sister and I with a couple of alpine doelings and a Holstein heifer calf.

Mom, dad and little sister milking a group of Saanens. 

When I left home and went to college I said that I would never have a goat on the farm, but that all changed. After graduating with a degree in Agricultural Economics I started to work as a Loan Officer at West Plains Savings and Loan where I met my wife Sherri (Ellison) Orr. We bought a house and 223 acres not too far from my family.

Me right after Sherri and I were married, holding a baby Saanen at dad and moms.

After our second child. We decided that we might want a couple of dairy does to help supplement milk. The first does we bought were from a Mrs. Leila Greystone, Rainbeau Ranch.

Christian, and Kelsie with Janice. 

Sherri, Kelsie and Christian milking.

We then started going to smaller shows, and eventually ended up showing at some of the larger quad shows in the area. The kids have grown up with goats and are beginning to get interested in the every day care, showing, and breeding goats.

Kelsie at Heart of the Ozarks Fair 2010 winning Jr. Showmanship.

Christian at Heart of the Ozarks fair competing in Showmanship. With one of Dawn Hurds Nigerians.

   2014 Kelsie won Sr. Showmanship at the HOTODGA show, and Christian won second in Jr. Showmanship. They are growing up.

Recent Photos

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